Michał Łuczak



Previous Next 11.41800 copies (500 PL, 300 ENG)165 x 230 mm, 196 pages37 colour images, 31 b&w images soft cover with dust jacket photos: Michał Łuczak text: Filip Springer design: Anna Nalecka-Milach photo edition: Andrzej Kramarzpublisher: Filip Springeryear: 2016ISBN 978-83-946456-0-01 PLISBN 978-83-946456-1-8 ENG   english version available EU SHIPPING (30€)

Elementarz / Koło miejsca

Previous Next Koło miejsca/Elementarz (Primer)300 copies 1st edition170 x 230 mm196 pages 19 b&w images hard coverphotos: Michał Łuczak text: Krzysztof Siwczykdesign: Marcin Gołaszewskiphoto edition: Michał Łuczaklanguage: polishpublisher: Muzeum w Gliwcachyear: 2016ISBN 978-83-989856-80-7


Previous Next OUT OF PRINT350 copies345 x 434 mm64 pages31 b&w imageshard coverphotos: Michał Łuczaktext: Maciej Malickidesign: Anna Nalecka-Milachphoto edition: Andrzej Kramarzpublisher: self-publishedyear: 2012ISBN 978-83-933361-7-3


Previous Next INFO In Poland, burned coal drives power plants, industry, home heating systems. It underpins the public and private sectors. In turn, air quality is subject to reliance on coal. The climate changes.And the future of postindustrial cities hangs in the balance. I live Polish Upper Silesia, where coal is still mined. I understand …

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Forest works

Previous Next INFO For over a dozen years now, foresters have been redeveloping the Polish woodland. They have altered its species composition, for example planting beeches and oaks, more resistant to increasing climate change than the Scots pine or Norway spruce. The activities aim to maintain the biodiversity of forest ecosystems. At the same time …

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Previous Next INFO The world started to crumble down on 7 December 1988 at 11.41 hours. 514 thousand people lost their homes, 33 thousand were wounded, 25 thousand died, 917 public buildings were destroyed. The earthquake which struck Armenia on that day affected 40% of the country’s territory. 342 villages, 21 cities, 170 factories. It …

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Previous Next INFO I remember… scraped knees in cycling crashes, the taste of blood and earth when you needed to ‘self-disinfect’ them; a kick in the ass when you were unable to get up; the heartburn you got when learning how to belch – I thought I would never get rid of it; dog’s shit …

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Previous Next INFO There was a wild forest in the center of Warsaw. Together with Vistula divided the city in two parts. It looked like a no-man’s land. But just behind the first line of trees, there was a different world…


Previous Next INFO Katowice Railway Station constructed in 1972 was a high-standard building. Raw concrete constructions were at the time a symbol of modernity and prosperity of Polish People’s Republic. Only a decade later neglected building began to fall into ruins. Even 21 years of independent Poland didn’t help and the condition of the building …

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Previous Next INFO The Icelandic word einangrun consists of two stems. The first part of the word is ein, which means „1”, while the second part is angrun, which means „sadness” or „sorrow,” and it is related to words likeangurværð („melancholy”) and angur („sorrow”). In other words, einangrun literally means the sadness or sorrow of …

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