Michał Łuczak

I remember… scraped knees in cycling crashes, the taste of blood and earth when you needed to ‘self-disinfect’ them; a kick in the ass when you were unable to get up; the heartburn you got when learning how to belch – I thought I would never get rid of it; dog’s shit on the grass where we were playing football and the smell when you slide tackled into it; the ‘Robin Hood’ series theme song; the spitting competitions; baking powder ‘shake bombs’ thrown into a grocery store; knife throwing games with your grandpa’s pocket knife and downhill races of Matchbox cars; tears when you were unable to climb down a transformer cabinet and the burning shame when mum was helping you down; unfair rollicking in front of your colleagues cause ‘I wasn’t the one who wrecked his mudguard!’; and keys on a shoestring around your neck… If there was a time in my life when I was truly free, it was back then.